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That’s why we use empirical methods and science to build cutting-edge macroeconomic models. All our research is evidence-based and data-driven. We stay current with the foremost economic literature and apply the theory. Our models are tested every single day and constantly refined for accuracy.

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Stay informed with current reports on economic conditions. We monitor markets constantly and share expert analysis. We apply empirical economic theory and simulate future economic outcomes, all using real-time data. We stay true to the science!

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Macroeconomic Models

Empirical macroeconomic models have an outstanding track record. They correctly warned investors months in advance of the ‘Dot-com’ Crash (2000) and the ‘Great Recession’ (2008). The models have delivered dependable economic guidance ever since.

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Expert Risk Analysis

Uncover hidden economic risks! Discover a suite of vital economic indicators & ratios, designed to spot danger. Each is graphed in real-time, using the freshest data available. See credit bubbles & stay informed. Get the expert research that professionals need!

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